Monday, June 28, 2004

Visit Sunway Petting Zoo

On the 26th (Saturday), it was a sunny day. So Elis and me decided to go visit our 'friends' in the Sunway Petting Zoo. Sunway Petting Zoo is actually the largest petting zoo in Malaysia. It is situated not so far from the condo I live. Maybe just about 10 minutes of sweating walk (coz it is so hot and sunny) from the Sunway Monash Condo Hostels.

I actually decided to go there because since I had been in Sunway for 2 years, but have not yet entered the zoo, which is so close to my place. Infact, the enterance way to the walkway is exactly infront of my condo's main enterance gate. Exams is over, and I just recovered from my injury I got my self into, during the Inti Nilai Tournament, so why not I have some recreations...

Basically the zoo was quite nice and interesting. Although the animals are not that rare, they are the usual ones. Such as crocodiles, horses, snakes, monkeys, goats and lots and lots of birds and fishes. We can touch ,hug, take pictures , and even play with the animals. After all, it is called a petting zoo.

We spent about two hours in the zoo with our 'friends'- the animals. It was fun and I really enjoyed myself. I still remember, the night before, I searched in the net about the Sunway Petting Zoo. And while searching, I found an entry from Purr ModBlog about the zoo. One of the things mentioned was that there was a parrot, which keep on biting and chewing the blogger's friend's shirt, colar, and cap. Unfortunately, on that day, I also experienced the same thing. When I took the parrot from the warden's arm to take some picture with the bird, he start to chew my shirt, than go up to my cap. Even the warden seems to have problems in taming the bird and to instruct him stop chewing my cap.

Luckily I used to have a bird (burung nuri) as my pet, so I am quit calm with birds. My family name him as Nur, and Nur has the same attitude with the parrot. If I take him into my hand, he will start chewing my shirt, and try to climb to the top of my body, untill to my head.

Another interesting event which happened that day, was in the horse riding place. Well, the horses were not the big ones as those which I used to learn how to ride. The horses were more like the paddi horses.. or maybe I should call it as a pony. When I started to ride, the warden were holding the rope of the pony and lead me with the pony. It was boring, since he was treating me as if I cannot ride by myself, and it was so slow. So I asked the warden, if he can allow me ride the pony all by myself. He said he cannot decide, as he is afraid, if I get injured while riding the pony. So he asked a senior warden, who was incharged in the horse riding section. The man incharged asked me if I know how to ride the pony, so I replied that I used to take horse riding classes. The warden than straight away allowed me to ride by myself.

The ride was good, as the pony really galloped, and it was fast. However, I was a bit confused than, as the rhythm of the pony was not like the rhythm of the big horses I used to ride in my riding classes. So my ups and downs while riding was a bit lousy. My body rhythm did not cope perfectly with the pony's rhythm. Any way, I learned new thing that day -- Pony should not be treated and ride like the proper riding horses...

Photos in Sunway Petting Zoo


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