Thursday, July 01, 2004

Sunway Taekwondo Site

Finally, the Sunway College and Monash University Taekwondo Club (SCMUT) have it's own official site. Mr Tony, my instructor wanted so much that SCMUT to have it's own site. I use the same design as my own site, as I am too lazy to design a new one. The contents of the site is not yet fully ready. Maybe only about 50% is ready. Visit the site here.


lieawulf said...

Hi aidil, I've checked out your sunway-tkd site, and find it interesting. I like your "orang" bowing and kicking, may I know where did you get it, because I've seen the same animation somewhere. I wanna put it at my tkd site too hehe.

Ideal said...

erm.. u can just take it from my site. Just right click on the pic, and than choose 'save picture as'. Bye the way, u do have a tkd site? what's the address?

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