Sunday, August 15, 2004

Buni Update

Today, it is already exactly 2 weeks since Buni was adopted. Well.. basically Buni is doing alright although there had been some problems with her health.

Buni suffered from diarrhea and also vomit almost ever ytime after having her meal. I was quite worried. It was a though time for me than, as Buni seems to have problem to control her bladder and shit anywhere in the house because of the diarrhea. Cleaning it almost every single day really put my patience into test.

My mother than decided that Buni should be send to a veterinarian for a check up and so that was exactly what my mother and I did. At first we went to the government vet at section 17 Shah Alam (with intention to save money, as government vet are always cheaper). But too bad, we were too late. We went there at about 1pm, while they close at 12. So we went to a private veterinarian at section 2.

The vet was a young Malay lady. According to the vet, Buni had diarrhea because she suffered from a slight food poisoning. As long as I remembered, I didn't give Buni anything else except for Whiskas. And I really don't think Whiskas contains anything that may result to Buni's food poisoning problem.

Well.. Maybe its the rats' food poison trap. The poison is put at some corners of the house intending to dispose rats. And I guess there is a possibility that Buni might have grab some of the poison as her snacks whenever she's too hungry. Poor Buni...

The vet gave Buni two injections. One is for de worming, and the other is for anti vomiting. The vet did also suggest that it is necessary for Buni to be warded, as to monitor if Buni still vomit, and also to monitor Buni's shit. However, as warding Buni costs quite expansive, my mother decided that we should just monitor Buni by ourselves in our home.

The injections given by the vet was very effective because since than, Buni stopped totally from vomiting every time after having her meal. However, there was another problem for me... That is to force Buni to eat, to have some meal --- Buni did not have the appetite to eat!

My mother and I tried to force Buni to eat by opening Buni's mouth by force and than push some whiskas in. But how much food can we manage to push by force in a kitten's mouth? Hmmmhh.. So my mother decided that sending Buni warded would be the only way to save her. My mother said; "Well, at list if Buni is warded, she doesn't wanna eat, the vet should have a way of how to make her eat, or at least inject some energy and nutrients in her body, preventing her from dehydration.

The next day my mother and I brought Buni to the government vet. We went quite early, as we already know that it is closed by 12. But another bad news coming out --- the government vet does not offer a warding service.

The news ain't gonna get worst. The vet however gave Buni some medicine and vitamins. One of them is for Buni's appetite. And guess what, the vitamins and medicine really works for Buni. Buni's appetite really grows, and she eats almost one pack of the whiskas a day. Since than, Buni starts to get better and healthier.. A sigh of relief for

When it is just about for me to have a sigh of relief.. that is when Buni started to have this same problem back... vomiting and diarrhea. Hmmhh.. "Bela kucing ni leceh jugak ek..huhu"

Buni Update Pictures


Rajiv Finn said...

hey dude..
im curious.. wht was the cost of the injections - deworming, anti vomitting and the vitamins n all.. very good thing you did to look after a cat like youve done. the world cld use more animal lovin' taekwondo superstars like u!

Ideal said...

Both the De worming and anti vomitting injections cost about 50 over in the private vet. But it would cost much cheaper if its in the govt vet. Govt vet i think would deffinitely cost less than rm15..

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