Saturday, January 08, 2005

MASUM Taekwondo Update

After one whole week of intensive training, tomorrow the UiTM Taekwondo team would be departing to UKM for the MASUM Games. I have personally learned and gained a lot from this one whole week. First of all, the most important thing is that I realised how bad my foot work is. All this while, I was training under KLTC (Kuala Lumpur Taekwondo Center Accademy) and the training was very much of kickings and nothing else. All Taekwondo players of the KLTC product, mainly would have double turning round house kick as their main weapon during sparring. Very little emphasis was put upon the foot works.

However, the scenario in UiTM training is very different. UiTM, which is under the Koryo Taekwondo Accademy, puts foot work as one of the most vital component during sparring. This is because, to attack effectively, one would need a good foot work. Same as to counter an attack, a good foot work is required, or else it would be very hard to score any points. Even the distance with oponent during sparring is also determined by foot work.

From here, now I see why Daeng Daniel Fitri (Junior National Player) who is presently under KLTC plays very well. This goes to the very history of his Taekwondo career. Before he joined the KLTC accademy, Daeng trained under Master Rajendran (present national coach) who is the head instructor of the Koryo Taekwondo Accademy. My hypothesis goes: He sharpened his foot work techniques when he was under the Koryo Taekwondo Accademy. When he moved to KLTC, he than sharpened his kicking techniques. A combination of both: the best foot work and the best kicking techniques would result to a perfect Taekwondo player.

Despite of the intensive training, I would have to say that one week is not enough to sharpen my foot work skills. The fact is that I came to UiTM with almost zero foot work ability. Anyway, I'll try my very best to perform the best fight during the tournament day. Wish me luck!

p/s: I actually took some pictures of the UiTM Taekwondo team with my camera phone, but too bad, I left my infra red receiver in Kedah. I'll try to post the pictures as soon as possible.

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