Sunday, January 16, 2005

UiTM Taekwondo MASUM Team Photoblog

"A team is not a team if you don't give a damn about each other.." This was Coach Cuzo's word, in the Best of The Best Movie.

After one whole week as a team in MASUM, it is time to say good bye to each other. I personally felt it is not an easy thing to face the fact that after this, I will have to go back to UiTM Kedah and not seeing you guys (Shahril, Irwan, Azimah, Shuriati, Basyeer, Pian, Bibi, Kecik, Aida, Ezah, Kak Hasz, En Said, Coach Najib and Sarah).

It was a real pleasure meeting and getting to know you guys. Thanks for everything!

The UiTM Taekwondo contigen to MASUM Games successfully came back with a gold, a silver, and two bronze medals. However, it is sad that I did not manage to be among those who win the medals, as I lost to USM exponent with the point of 3-5.

Pictures of the UiTM Taekwondo Team may be viewed here.

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