Sunday, February 13, 2005

An Expedition to Mount Jerai

We started with barely anyone wanted to join us. Kapla and me came across with the idea to conquer Mount Jerai when we were just talking about things to do during our Chinese New Year holiday. We than started to draft the plan briefly. It seems so hard to convince our friends that Kapla and me were serious with that plan and this resulted to most of them decided to just say 'not interested'. The most disappointing thing is that my room mate cum course mate, Abi, who had earlier said that he's staying for the Chinese New Year holiday, suddenly decided to go back.. Well, maybe he has his own reason...

It was really chronic, that Kapla said: "Kalau kita berempat je (Kapla, Ban, Pian and me) yang tinggal nak panjat gunung, selambe je lah kita pergi berempat..."

The four of us had elected Kapla as the leader of our expidition, since he is the most experienced among us (He have climbed Mount Ledang once, Mount Tahan twice, and also some other recreation sports such as canoeing marathon). Thanks to Kapla, as his effort really contributed a lot towards the realization of the Mount Jerai Expedition plan.

Kapla, with the help of Boy (who have than decided to join us), managed to borrow 4 tents from UiTM Kedah. As the process of getting the tents involved dealing with the sports department staffs, Kak Zu, who is a staff in that department have asked if she can join us.

Although the expedition involved us borrowing UiTM's equipments, and a staff joining us, but the expedition is not a UiTM expedition. As the staff who followed us were not following us as an accompanying staff, but merely as a member of the expedition. This made the expedition more enjoyable and flexible, as we were not bound by UiTM rules and regulations.

At last, the expedition managed to get 11 members, they are: Kapla, Boy, Ideal, Fir, Ban Tab, Pian, Megat, Ajat, Wan Bowzo, Kak Zu and her Friend.

The pictures of the expedition may be viewed here.

Next semester, we are planning to have a more challenging activity. The options are either Mount Ledang, Mount Tahan, canoeing marathon at Pangkor, or water rafting, as Kapla has a very good contact for all these activities. I personally would prefer canoeing marathon or Mount Tahan....

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