Friday, April 29, 2005

A Trip to Ulu Yam Water Fall Photoblog

I went to Ulu Yam water fall along with Along, Mak, Uda, and Kak Saf. Went there early in the morning (departed from our house in Shah Alam at 6.45am), as we need to be back before Jumaat prayer. And also, we were hoping that morning would not be much crowd over there, thus more privacy.

We were the first one to arive there. And we were quite happy with the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Despite that, it were quite upsetting that pollution did took place in the middle of the natural beauty of the floras. The place were well equiped with dustbins all around, but some people just seems to have a problem of making full use of the public utility properly.

Besides the rubish not properly thrown, everything else were perfect. The view were beautiful, and the water were rereshing cold. Well, it all went perfect.... until 11a.m.

Being there early, we enjoyed the advantage of privacy and not much crowd. But we least expected that we would suffer the detriment of our car being broke in.

11a.m we packed our things as we were all ready to go back. Got to catch the Friday prayer. And guess what? As we arived at the car park, we found out that the window of our car were badly damaged. There were only two cars at the car park, and both of them were smashed in the glass. Luckily, we did not leave anything valuable in the car (except for the few ringgits toll money which did dissapeared). So we went back without the co pilot's seat's window glass.

So after this, whenever you plan to go to Ulu Yam, ALWAYS lock your car, and the steering. But, do NOT lock the doors and the windows. So that, if any one wishes to break in the car, they need not break you car's glass. (Of course, at the same time make sure nothing valuable is left inside the car).

Remaining pictures of the trip may be viewed here.

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