Monday, April 03, 2006

Daughter of the Jew

I was blog hopping when I came across this interesting blog, which translates a rather interesting novel, entitled Daughter of the Jew. Basically the novel is about the battle of Khandaq. The main character, Raihana, who is a daughter of the Jewish Cheif, Qaab Ibn Asad was taken as prisoner of war, in the possession of the Muslims. So the story mainly narates the life of Raihana during those days.

The novel was written by Professor Abdullah Al Kafie, and it was initially in Benggali. And the translator with the name of Nira (as in the Id in her blog) translated it into English.

For now the translation has only reached up to chapter 5. I am waiting for the novel traslation to be completed. And I wonder if the completed translated version would be published in a printed form.

Here I copy and paste from the blog, the introduction of the Novel:

The Battle of Khandaq was one of the most prominent battles in the history of Islam. After two devastating defeats at Badr and Uhud, the Mushriqeen realized that Islam has become an undefeatable power. Although they enjoyed a brief victory in Uhud, the final defeat served to add to the growing hopelessness among them. Therefore, the Mushriqeen of Makkah embarked on a new strategy. They formed an Alliance; uniting the Quraish, Banu Kinanah, Ghatafans, Arabs of the Tuhamah and of the Najd and all the forces who still despised the new religion. Their aim was to annihilate Islam: decisively and forever.

Preparations also began on the side of the Muslims. They prepared with outmost devotion and sacrifice, to meet this determined opponent. This novel portrays how Muslims stood by the Prophet of Allah (S) and accepted all trials and hardships without a complaint. Allah’s help was enjoyed and witnessed by these people. Indeed, Allah has promised His help for people who obey Him and His Messenger (S). Even today, if the Muslims were to strive sincerely to establish the deen of Islam; Allah’s help will surely be with them. Though, Allah will certainly test their sincerity. And if they triumph, Allah’s victory is certain for them.

This is actually history. It has been given the form of a novel only to engage the ordinary reader. The character of Raihana has been given central precedence in the story, to refute the lie that the daughter of the Jewish chief Qaab Ibn Asad was taken as a slave and treated shamefully. This was a falsehood spread by the enemies of Islam. Following the defeat of the Alliance, all prisoners of war naturally came into the possession of the Muslims. Raihana was among the group of prisoners given to the Prophet of Allah (S) himself. The Prophet (S) allowed her to choose to live that life or to become Muslim and be freed. Raihana chose the latter and lived the rest of her life not as a prisoner or slave, but as a free woman. History attests to this fact.

All praise and thanks to Allah (SWT). May the readers derive enjoyment and benefit from this small effort.
- Abdullah Al Kafie (author)

Interesting, eh?...

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