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59 Years down the Road, Wither Malaysia? (The Malay Mail Online, 30 August 2016)

Lamenting the Hypocrisy over the FFM Awards Controversy (Malaysiakini, 8 August 2016)

A Response to Prof Clive Kessler's Secular Myth (The Malay Mail Online, 21 January 2016)

Freedom, the Federal Constitution and the Sedition Act (The Malay Mail Online, 28 November 2014)

Court of Appeal may have Erred in the Transgender Case (The Malaysian Insider, 17 November 2014)

MUET, Legal Profession and the Elephant in the Room (The Malaysian Insider, 14 October 2014)

Semantics and the Way Forward After the Herald's Case (The Malay Mail Online, 1 July 2014)

Wither the Myth of a Secular Nation (The Malay Mail Online, 12 June 2014)

PAGE's Wrong Prescription for the Wrong Malady (The Malaysian Insider, 7 February 2014)

One Muslim's Response to a Sikh's Percpective (Free Malaysia Today, 16 August 2013)

'Allah': Uthaya's  Misconceived Arguments (Free Malaysia Today, 25 Julai 2013)

Of the Fairness or Unfairness of Unilateral Conversion (The Malaysian Insider, 7 July 2013)

Language, the Law and the Elephant in the Room (Loyarburok, 2 July 2013)

PPSMI (2 Mac 2009)

Yang Pop dan Yang Serius dalam Ayat-Ayat Cinta (Bukuria, 9 Mei 2008)

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